Research and Innovation Structures

 *The names marked in bold are currently integrated researchers in CinTurs

Acronym Title Cinturs Researcher(s) Period Situation
PNT Plataforma Nacional de Turismo João Albino Silva            Patrícia Pinto            Alexandra Gonçalves    Cláudia Almeida 2023 - Ongoing
ABC CoLAB Laboratório Colaborativo do Algarve Biomedical Center Research Institute Alexandra Gonçalves José António Santos José de São José        Luís Nobre Pereira Margarida Santos Patrícia Pinto 2022 -  Ongoing
AlgSTO Algarve Sustainable Tourism Observatory João Albino Silva       Jorge Andraz                   Luís Nobre Pereira        Rui Nunes 2020 -  Ongoing


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