Advisory Board

Name Institution Title Scientific/ Research Field More Info
Jafar Jafari University of Wisconsin-Stout, USA Professor Emeritus and Founding Editor, Annals of Tourism Research Hospitality and Tourism webpage
Juan Tobal Complutense University of Madrid, Spain Full Professor Psychology (Cognitive Processes) webpage
Noel Scott Griffith University, Australia Professor and Deputy Director, Griffith Institute for Tourism Tourism, Tourism Management, Tourism Marketing, Tourist Behaviour and Visitor Experience webpage
Robin Nunkoo University of Mauritius, Mauritius Associate Professor Quantitative Methods, Public Trust, Sociology of Knowledge, Sustainable Tourism webpage
Alfonso Vargas Sanchez University of Huelva, Spain Full Professor Management and Marketing webpage
Theano S. Terkenli University of the Aegean, Greece Professor Human and Cultural Geography, The Cultural Landscape, Geography of Tourism (Tourism Studies) webpage
Renata Tomljenovic Institute for Tourism, Croatia Senior Research Adviser and Assistant Director Tourism webpage
Alexandre Panosso Netto University of São Paulo, Brazil Associate Professor Tourism Education in Brazil and Latin America, Tourism Theory and Epistemology of Tourism webpage


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