WARECAMO - Water reservoir storage capacity monitoring addressing the issue of climate change

The aim of the project is to create a new scientific research collaboration in the field of soil erosion, sediment transport and its accumulation in the water reservoirs that are being threatened by siltation as the result of erosion and transportation process of soil particles from the reservoir watershed. These processes cause the annual loss of the water storage capacity of 0.5% worldwide. The project will deal with the merging of the experience and knowledge of the two basic components of the water reservoir siltation: the process of the erosion University of Algarve and Slovak University of Agriculture.

Partner institutions: University of Algarve, Portugal and Slovak University of Agriculture, Slovakia.

CinTurs researcher(s): Thomas Panagopoulos (UAlg Coordinator)

Budget UAlg: 5.400,00€

Total budget:

Funding institution(s): FCT - Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (Scientific Cooperation Agreement between Portugal and Slovakia 2016/2017).

Period: 2016 - 2018

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