MONITUR - Observation and monitoring of the Algarve tourist destination: contributions for its sustainable development

This project aims to build an assessment model to measure and monitor tourism development in the Algarve. This general objective is associated with the following specific objectives. First, the identification of the main areas and the corresponding variables and indicators to assess this development in a holistic, comprehensive, and sustainable perspective. Second, the quantification of these indicators for the 16 municipalities of Algarve, in both low and high seasons, by using data gathered through surveys to tourists, residents and public and private entities. Third, the design and implementation of an online decision support system is the main way to promote and transfer knowledge by allowing all stakeholders to easily access updated information to support their decision-making processes. Besides its practical relevance, the project is theoretically innovative as it validates an integrated and holistic model to monitor tourism development in a consolidated destination.

Partners: n/a

Researcher(s): João Albino Silva (Principal Investigator) (CinTurs/FE UAlg) e Luís Pereira, (Principal Investigator) (CinTurs/ESGHT UAlg), Jorge Andraz (CEFAGE/CinTurs/FE UAlg), Rui Nunes (CinTurs/FE UAlg), Pedro Pintassilgo (CEFAGE/CinTurs/FE UAlg), Manuela Guerreiro (CinTurs/FE UAlg), Dora Agapito (CinTurs/FE UAlg), Patrícia Pinto (CinTurs/FE UAlg), Margarida Santos (CinTurs/ESGHT UAlg), Joel Guerreiro (SI UAlg), Hugo Barros (CRIA UAlg/ CinTurs) and Sofia Vairinho (CRIA UAlg/CinTurs).

Budget UAlg: 562.329,38€

Funding institution(s): FEDER by CRESC Algarve 2020

Period: 2021 - 2023

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