CinTurs has Executive, Scientific Coordination, External Advisory and Scientific Boards (General Regulation).

The Executive Board includes the Coordinator and the two Co-coordinators of the Unit. The coordinator represents the Unit in compliance with its general regulations and is responsible for the day-to-day activities in a straight connection with the administrative staff of the Centre. The co-coordinators support the president in the activities of the Unit.

The Scientific Coordination Board includes the Executive plus three representatives of the research fields of the Unit. This board meets periodically to discuss fundamental issues to the activities of the Unit that are further presented and placed for approval, whenever necessary, in the Scientific Board, namely those related to productivity assessment and financing.

The External Advisory Board includes nine personalities who are experts in the research areas of the Unit. Members of this board are periodically informed about the activity of the Unit and asked to prepare a report about its functioning and progress.

The Scientific Board includes all integrated PhD members. It meets periodically to discuss and approve the strategic issues that guide the operation of the Centre.

The Unit has permanent administrative staff for the secretariat, marketing and international relations services, and support for projects from UALG (UAIC).

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